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E-APP-ANDM Micro Environment Monitoring System Android App
E-APP-ANDM Micro Environment Monitoring System Android App

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Micro Environment Monitoring System Android App

Use an Android tablet/phone to monitor sensors connected to ENVIROMUX-MICRO units and acknowledge/dismiss alarms.



Optional Tablet/Phone Android App for E-MICRO.


  • Intuitive application software provides an easy-to-use interface for monitoring and displaying sensor statuses from an unlimited number of E-MICRO units.
    • Requires tablet or phone with Android 4.11 (Jelly Bean) or later operating system and E-MICRO-T(RHP) unit with firmware version 3.2 or later.
    • Network connection type is dependent on tablet/phone features (WIFI/3G/4G etc.).
  • Use to view real-time sensor values and acknowledge/dismiss alarm statuses of sensors/digital inputs/IP devices outside of the remote location.
    • Sensor value and alert status pages feature large fonts for viewing from a distance.
    • Display individual or group sensor values at a configurable scan rate - updated in real time.
  • Features 8 customizable dashboards - choose which E-MICRO units and sensors are added to each dashboard.
  • Configure E-MICRO unit names, network settings, display options, sensor display scan times, and sensor refresh rates in the app.